Spain, Slovakia, Germany, Sweden



10/09 Introduction and life. The students will be introduced to the project and start writing their presentations of themselves, their school and hometown. The presentations are to be sent to the other participating school via e-mail.

11/09 The students start working on their own profiles and nicknames which will be distributed by the coordinator of the school for the website. Establish e-contact among the students eg e-twinning and/or blog. Create a logo for the website.

12/09 Preparation of the project notice board at school and start the website.

01/10 The students start preparing the first chapter about the countries which will be part of the final product, the Guide book. This will also be the material they bring to their first mobility. The students will also prepare pp presentations for the first visit which is in Spain.

02/10 First mobility to Madrid, Spain. European fair.

03/10 Evaluation together with the teacher. Summarize the visit and present to the class at home. Write a summary for the website. Continuous work on the final product the Guide Book and the website and continuously having contact with the partner schools.

04/10 Start preparing presentations for the second mobility in Sweden on the second chapter of the Guide book - Young people's lives. Pp presentations

05/10 Second mobility to Mariestad, Sweden - Young people's lives.

06/10 Evaluation as above (03/10) and continuous work on the Guide Book, website and contact.

09/10 The students resume contact with each other after the summer holidays and start working on the third chapter of the Guide Book - Education. Preparations for the next mobility.

10/10 Mobility to Hlohovec, Slovakia.

11/10 Evaluation, continuous work on the Guide Book; website and contact as above (03/10)

01/11 Preparation for the fourth mobility as above. The fourth chapter in the Guide Book - Work

05/11 Fourth mobility to Lüneberg, Germany Germany

06/11 Evaluation, continuous work on the Guide Book; website and contact as above (03/10)

06/11 Finalizing the Guide Book. Compilation of the Guide Book on Being Young in Europe. Distribution of the Guide Book to all partner schools. Final evaluation and report of the project.
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