Spain, Slovakia, Germany, Sweden



Enhance the use of ICT and multimedia to bridge distances between young people and improve IT literacy.
Develop practical language competence and increase foreign language confidence.
Increase awareness of diversity in lives and cultures of participating Europeans.
Promote mobilities among young Europeans.
Inform about future possibilities of studying and working in the European Union.
Establish sustainable friendship and contact between young Europeans.
Exchange and share experiences and ideas among the teachers in the partner schools.
Obtain an overview of working and studying possibilities by the students , which will make their transition from school to work easier.
Think and feel like a European, not only locally or nationally. We are all part of Europe.
Get informed about studying and working in the participating European countries
Language competence and the use of ICT
Sustainable friendship
Learn about opportunities, studies and work in Europe.
During the visits the students will get in touch with other languages e.g Swedish, Slovak, Spanish and German

To fulfil these objectives students will:

1. Write a profile.

2. Create a Logo, a website and blogs to communicate.

3. Prepare pp presentations, for international meetings about their school, area, country, education and job possibilities to find a job after school.

4. After the project has been completed the students should have learnt about educational systems, working conditions and possibilities of spending free time in the participating countries.
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